CREATE Fayetteville is committed to bringing about positive change in our community.  Since its inception, its members have been actively discussing the issues they find important to Fayetteville. We’ve spent a little time daydreaming, too, asking everyone to illustrate in their own words what the ‘ideal’ Fayetteville looks like. The work product from these discussion sessions and the results of our Citizen Survey resulted in a long list of suggested improvement ideas.  Every year, the group then categorizes these ideas into short- and long-term goal areas and uses the nominal group technique to prioritize both lists.

How You Can Become Involved

A critical component of CREATE Fayetteville’s mission is to empower citizens by giving them a voice and the opportunity to share their thoughts.  Motivating citizens to take positive action to solve our town’s problems isn’t easy. All of us are very busy with a number of other commitments (e.g., family, work, play). The downside, though, is that without your help, good ideas and proposed initiatives never make it to fruition.

Because CREATE Fayetteville has moved into ‘action’ mode, we need your support. Here are just a few ways you can become involved.

  1. Attend a meeting.  CREATE Fayetteville meets from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at the CVB. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  2. Indicate which initiative you’d like to help with.  Use the contact form here on our site to let us know what you have an interest in getting involved with.